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Cerence Swype

Cerence Swype

The Fastest, Most Flexible In-Car Text Solutions on the Planet

With a long history in text input, Cerence delivers the iconic Cerence Swype keyboard for automotive applications, bringing a vast range of input options for simple, intuitive interactions between drivers and their cars. 

Cerence Swype enables drivers to easily enter text in the new era of digital cars. This product family includes the classic “Swyping” method – where drivers slide their finger from one letter to the other in one continuous motion – as well as handwriting recognition and traditional keyboard tapping. When applied to the automotive setting, Cerence Swype is powerful tool for entering addresses, searching for points of interest, accessing car functions and more, enabling safe, speedy interaction with the automotive assistant. 

By bringing this technology to the car and with 15 million cars on the road with Cerence Swype, Cerence remains committed delivering the smartphone-like experience that OEMs today seek for their vehicles and for their drivers. Cerence Swype has been optimized for operation on the touch screens and touch pads that are commonplace in today’s cars, with necessary adjustments based on the position of the driver relative to the screen. 

An Array of Input Choices for Drivers

Cerence Swype offers several input methods in one package.





Features and Benefits

Flexible delivery

Cerence Swype is offered in two highly customizable options including Swype App for Android, a full text input solution for Android Auto customers, and Swype Core Engines that deliver needed integration services to our customers.

Handwriting styles

Adapted for the car, Cerence Swype can recognize all common writing styles – whether using isolated characters, cursive styles, on top-writing, or mixed style.

Cerence search

Cerence Swype connects to popular in-car applications (maps, music, phone, radio, etc.) to provide the best user experience through context-specific word predictions and completions. 

Predictive input

Cerence Swype offers advanced word prediction and completion and provides an extensive corpus of natural language understanding data with intelligence to correct typos, complete words and predict input. 

Living language 

Cerence Swype continuously updates based on user-specific input habits, learning which words are most frequently used and in which context. 

Broad Language Support 

Cerence Swype now supports the download of 110 languages and we’re adding more!

Bilingual support 

Cerence Swype users can enter words from two languages at once.

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